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The Osher Environment Systems team is composed of energy efficiency experts, weatherization technicians and specialists in heating, electric, plumbing, carpentry, masonry and home design. OES inspection services include energy efficiency assessments, building inspections, energy audits, new construction plan review, and blower door tests for occupancy. OES services include weatherization, insulation, air sealing, historic building renovation, heating system replacement or installation, electrical upgrades, and wet basement mitigation. Our problem solving team members apply their knowledge and experience to increase coziness, decrease energy use and make every project a success.
Laurie Osher, PhD
OES President & Building Scientist
Laurie is an expert at making Maine buildings more comfortable and more energy efficient.  She and her team are known for solving persistent or recurring building problems including ice dams and frozen pipes. They are skilled at perfecting beautiful but drafty living spaces, transforming them from cold to cozy. Every energy efficiency project Laurie proposes is customized to provide highest comfort and greatest savings. Laurie loves this work because upgrades to homes increase their value while increasing their coziness and each project helps her clients to reduce their contributions of CO2 to the atmosphere. Prior to founding Osher Environment Systems, Laurie studied the Global Carbon Cycle as a research & teaching Faculty Member at the University of Maine. Before moving to Maine, she researched human impacts on the C Cycle at the US EPA and at UC Berkeley. Before becoming a Carbon counter, she worked as a Watershed Scientist for the US Forest Service.
Dan Huisjen
Energy Advisor & Building Inspector
In his work as an OES energy advisor, Dan Huisjen provides thorough and thoughtful evaluations of each building he inspects. He enjoys figuring out the best ways for our clients to lower their energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment. He’s especially fond of finding solutions for energy and comfort challenges posed by older homes. Dan has degrees in Engineering Technology (Cornell) and Environmental Science (UW, Tacoma). He’s served in the US Navy, worked as a teacher, a laborer, and a farmer. Dan lives in an 1843 farmhouse in Brooksville, Maine.
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