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It's a lot like a toothache...

Lots of people sense there is a problem with their home, but they keep putting off making changes. Just like a minor toothache, we don't want to deal with the problem, and we often wait until it is unbearable to deal with it. Property owners are often the same. They wait until their building is freezing before they deal with the problem, fearful that it will involve a major renovation. 


At OES we have the tools to know EXACTLY how to make to your home, office, school or other important building more comfortable and energy efficient. And, by lowering your carbon footprint you are doing your part to help the planet. We are experts at finding low-cost upgrades that can make a big difference. 


Think of that toothache. Your tooth may hurt so badly that you are convinced it needs to be pulled. But prior to yanking a beloved tooth we always have an examination and x-ray to find out if the drastic measure is actually necessary. 


Your house is the same! You may not need new windows! You may not need a new heating system! It is in your best interest to conduct a thorough energy audit prior to embarking upon building improvements.


If your home or business feels cold, if you sense you are spending too much on heating and cooling the building, or if someone has suggested you get new windows, a new heating system, or that you "weatherize" the place... yes, you do need OES! Call Laurie Osher directly at 207-944-6743 for a free phone consultation, or learn a bit more bout the process on our Services page.

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