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Our goal is threefold:

We want to save you money, make your home or business comfortable, and help save the planet.


By making our clients' homes and businesses more energy efficient, we help them reduce their heating and cooling costs by an average of 35% annually. Some of our clients have begun saving 70% on their annual heating and cooling costs!

How Does It Work?
First, we will come to your home or business to conduct an Energy Audit. The audit will give us a thorough understanding of every nook and cranny of the building, and exactly what investments need to be made to lower your energy costs. It is shocking how often we think we need new windows because the building feels drafty, when, in fact, the draft could be coming from the basement, attic, or elsewhere! 
Next, we will give you recommendations for upgrades that will lower your energy costs. Including:
WHAT energy saving solutions we recommend
HOW MUCH each will cost up-front and how much each will save you once completed, and
HOW we will implement them.
After consulting your budget and making the decision to invest in these Energy Saving Solutions, we will get to work. We will take the reigns and manage the entire process from start to finish so you can rest assured knowing that the project will be done, and it will be done right. 
Why Osher?
Making your home energy efficient is an extremely wise investment, but it is important to choose a company you can trust to ensure that your investments will bring you the promised returns.  Osher Environment Systems prides itself on being The Geek Squad of energy efficiency. We will map out the ideal strategy to increased comfort and annual energy savings. Many companies have a more cookie-cutter approach to energy efficiency. But your house or business is extremely unique, and putting the wrong energy saving measures in place is simply a waste of money. To ensure nothing is wasted we give 100% in the audit process and get to know every nook and cranny.
What is the Approximate Investment?
Every house is different, but it is possible to estimate what your investment will be, even prior to your audit. We have found that every house can benefit from six hours of air sealing. Efficiency Maine pays for your six hours of air sealing after you have had an audit or an assessment. 
For example, attic insulation might cost you $4,000 after a $700 Efficiency Maine rebate. Basement insulation may cost $7,000 after a $700 Efficiency Maine rebate. But, you will be immediately cozier, and your energy costs will drop by approximately 15% in the attic, and 25% in the basement every year after that! The majority of our clients utilize a low-interest loan of $15,000 and are able to fix nearly everything that needs to be done in their home. 
This sounds great, but I don't have have the cash saved up.
What financing options are available? 
Osher Environment Systems partners with Efficiency Maine to assist home owners and business owners to finance the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. There are low interest loans available from $4,000 to $30,000 for Maine home owners from Renew Financial, a company associated with Efficiency Maine. With the assistance of OES, you can complete the energy efficiency upgrades and pay small installments over the 15 year loan period. Find out more about these loans at
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