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Your Roof is Trying to Tell You Something!

It has been an unusually warm fall which has been a welcome reprieve from the start of the expensive heating season. We finally got a bit of snow this past week, making it feel more like winter is really here. Even a little snow accumulation on your roof can give you some great clues on how heat is escaping from your home. If you send us a picture, we can tell you what your roof is trying to say and help you start saving money on your heating bill.

The clues: After a fresh snowfall, take a look at your roof before the sun has had a chance to melt the snow off. You should see an unblemished snowy expanse indicating the top of your home is well insulated and sealed. However, if you see that the snow has melted away in large areas or in patterns, your roof is trying to tell you something – it is showing you where heat is escaping through your attic. This can be a significant source of extra cost to your heating bill – up to 20%. So if you are paying $3,000 per year to heat your house, the snow on your roof may be showing you where $600 of it is going.

The roof in the picture above is telling us that warm air is leaking into the attic and melting the snow on the underside of the roof. Osher Environment Systems weatherization technicians can fix this with 6 hours of air sealing.

Big Consequences: Heat loss through your roof can cause ice dams. They form when snow melts and runs down the roof, then re-freezes as it starts to drip from your eaves. Ice dams can cause extensive damage to your home, both to the roof and to the interior walls. They can create unsafe conditions if they form over entryways and even lead to mold growth in your home. Many people resort to raking snow off the roof and/or installing heat tape, both of which damage the roof.

We can help! The team of experts at Osher Environment Systems will interpret the message your roof is trying to send you. We are working with Efficiency Maine to offer rebates to homeowners for air sealing, insulation, and other energy efficiency improvement projects. There has never been a better time! Our team will complete an energy assessment and provide 6 hours of air sealing, which could save you as much as $300 per year in heating costs. After rebate, this will cost you only $200, paying you back within this heating season!

Send us a picture of your roof today! Or Call us at (207) 866-7008

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