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"My husband and I engaged Osher Environment Systems, LLC in 2016 to assist us in our home improvements and energy efficiency. Laurie has an incredible background in science and has spent her career educating students and now homebuyers on the pitfalls and benefits of updates and improvements. I’ve learned more about my home in one year with Osher than I did in the previous six years of ownership.  It would be amazing if each homebuyer was encouraged to have a home energy audit done on their home: energy audits reveal the inner workings of one’s home, your greatest investment." -Vanessa, Hampden

“The basement came out fantastic. Pat and I were really pleased with how neat the job came out. I almost can’t wait for winter to see the difference it will make- but yes, I will wait. I’ve been very satisfied with all your company’s work so please drop some pamphlets off or mail them, I would pass them out with gusto! Thanks again!” -Jean, Orono
"I just wanted to report back to you the tremendous savings we are experiencing this summer as a result of the insulation we added.
We knew there would be benefits in the winter months, but hadn't anticipated how comfortable we would be in the summer.
With this hot, hot summer, we have only run the AC 3 or 4 times for a very short time to remove the humidity in the late afternoon. Last year we had run two AC's for days and nights without relief.  We haven't even installed the 2nd floor AC yet because the day time temperature is actually reasonable.  The girls are happy to be living in their rooms this summer without stifling heat.
We are so happy with the results and have boasted to friends and coworkers; recommending they consider adding insulation.  
This is probably the best investment we have made; and we are happy to leave a smaller footprint in our world!"
-Sandy, Hampden
"I now open the basement door to allow the heat to come UP from the basement. We enjoyed the fact that you were knowledgeable, available and concerned about project.  The check-in's and advice were helpful in getting the project to completion. Thank you for all your efforts! We really appreciate all that you did to help out with our project.  It was great to work with you." -Brian, Orono

“In July of last year you performed an audit on my home. I appreciate your efforts and suggestions and implemented all of them with great success. After living through this past winter in a much warmer and more comfortable home I have recommended you to several people.


I heat my home and out buildings exclusively with an outdoor wood boiler. I am very pleased to realize a savings this past winter of approx. 4 cord of firewood. (approx. 20%) Although this does not sound like a lot, when you take into consideration I added another building and increased my heating load by 1593 sq.ft. (16,726 cubic feet) I think it is quite impressive.


Your audit predicted a savings of 56%, not counting the addition of the new building. I think you must have come pretty close. Thanks again for your efforts” -S.D., Exeter

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